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Dongle emulator is a software product that allows your software running just like if original hardware key was connected to computer. Dongle emulator can bypass USB dongle key or parallel hardware key. Dongle emulator is widely used for dongle backup, when it is important to keep original hardware key in a safe place to prevent its theft, damage or loss. Dongle virtualization also helps to work obsolete software working with modern computers or use it in virtual environment.

About Us

We are global dongle backup provider

As any hardware, dongles are at risk of damage, theft or loss that becomes serious threat for the business, especially when software vendor went out of business.

With the dongle emulator you can forget all the threats being sure your business keeps running, whatever happens to your hardware. Your investment in intellectual property is well protected with our software.

We are customer oriented company, giving all of our efforts to keep our clients happy. Free trial version of dongle emulator guarantees you are getting exactly what you are looking for. All the information is kept strictly confidentially, no leaks are possible.

SoftKey Solutions created first dongle emulator in 1998 and since this moment we stay most reliable and trustworthy dongle backup company providing solutions for governmental agencies, multinational companies, and individual customers to prevent any kind of problems connected with hardware keys also called dongles.

We are the only authors and copyright holders for most popular dongle backup products : DongleBackup2012, DongleBackup2012 PRO, HASPHL2010 and SENTEMUL2010.

In 2011 SoftKey Solution was acquired by ETech Software Limited, the company, specializing in server environment virtualization.

We remain leading dongle backup provider with most skillful team and most modern technical solutions. Operating since 1998, SoftKey Solutions is most trustworthy company with many positive feedbacks from its clients.

We work according to Digital Millennium Copyright Act and its exceptions, that allows obtaining dongle for:

  • Copyright owners;
  • With permission of copyright owners;
  • Classes of exceptions from DMCA prohibitions;

According to chapter 2 of DMCA there are exceptions permitting circumvention and development of dongle bypass solutions:

  • For non-profit libraries, archives and educations institutions;
  • For Law Enforcement, Intelligence and Other Government Activities;
  • For reverse engineering purposes for person who has lawfully obtained a right to use the software for sole purposes to achieve interoperability and compatibility with other programs;
  • Computer programs protected by dongles that prevent access due to malfunctioning or damage and which are no longer manufactured or reasonable available;

You can read more about DMCA exceptions at:

  • User friendly interface
  • Easy and fast installation process
  • Try before you buy
  • Works with all Windows systems, including Windows 10
  • Transparent for other dongles
  • Doesn't change anything within protected application
  • Your dongle cannot be damaged
  • All information received from you is well encrypted and will be kept strictly confidentially
  • Fully-functional 7-days trial version of dongle emulator is available.
  • Life-time support and updates are included in price of unlimited license.

Our clients

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Why dongle emulator?

Dongle protection

You can use dongle backup to protect original hardware key against theft, damage or loss.


Dongle emulator is ideal solution when you need running your software in virtual environment.

Virtual dongle is always with you

Dongle emulator can be installed on multiple computer, so you can work with your software in office and at home without risk of loosing the key.

Hardware compatibility

New computers are often incompatible with old hardware. Dongle virtualization solves this inconvenience.

10 reasons to choose us!

ETech Software Ltd is a right place to ask for solution


ETech Software Ltd is the only well known and trustworthy company that has been working in dongle backup industry since 1998. The reputation is our most valuable asset!

Research and developments

We develop and support well known, tested and safe utilities for reading and emulating dongles. Our USB Dongle Backup and Recovery is state of art solution that is digitally signed and perfectly works in Windows 64-bit environment, including Windows 10.

Support and maintenance

Our clients receive free support and updated for next versions of software and operational systems. We maintain dongle emulation tools used by thousands customers issuing system updates or upgrading to new versions of software upon request free of charges.

Try before you buy

We always give free trial version, so our clients can test solution and decide, if it suits them well or not. Advanced payment is never required. This process is very convenient for both of us and guarantees total satisfaction!


Our software is used by thousands customers. Among our clients are large multinational corporations, government departments of various countries, as well as a large number of small businesses and individuals.


We are doing our best to keep fastest turnaround and premium customer support. Now it takes not longer than 24 hours to issue trial version and not longer than 12 hours to process the payment and deliver full version of product.


We have collected a lot of testimonials of real people who have chosen our products. After obtaining full version some of them left comment in our guestbook. We have collected nearly 1000 comments for more than 10 years.


Our company offers fixed prices for dongle emulator when dump file is available. You can contact us for quotation. Our prices are more than reasonable and affordable and easily justify all possible losses from dongle problems.


Payment can be made by Credit card through famous and trustworthy payment processing system, PayPal or Wire bank transfer. We issue invoice.


We offer 30-day moneyback and ready to refund you money if something goes wrong. Convenient online payment and product delivery is also guaranteed by Visa/MasterCard. If you are not satisfied you can request refund or issue chargeback.

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More than 11000 Satisfied Customers

We have used Donglebackup2012 Pro since 2013 and it has never let us down. Bill and his team always reply promptly on request of authorization codes. We recommend Softkey Solutions.




Over years I have worked with my first solution. The dongle saver is still working, and because of the prompt services, offert from Softkey (changing diff. OS), there were absolut no problems. Now (about 8 years later) the actual solution for my new dongle has been delivered as fast and perfect once again.




There is only one place to go: SoftKey Solutions. Everything is perfect, everything is professional, everything is quick... and it works perfectly. All that for a very reasonable price. Don't look any further. Hire SoftKey and his team for your dongle problem and you won't be disappointing.



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