Sentinel Dongle Emulator

Sentinel Dongle emulator is a software product for Rainbow Sentinel SuperPro and Safe-Net Sentinel UltraPro dongle backup and virtualization that allows your software running just like original hardware key is connected to computer. Sentinel Dongle emulator works with USB Safe-Net dongles and parallel Rainbow SuperPro hardware keys.

  • User friendly interface
  • Easy and fast installation process
  • Try before you buy
  • Works with all Windows systems, including Windows 10
  • Transparent for other dongles
  • Doesn't change anything within protected application
  • Your Sentinel dongle cannot be damaged
  • All information received from you is well encrypted and will be kept strictly confidentially
  • Fully-functional 7-days trial version of SuperPro and UltraPro dongle emulator is available.
  • Life-time support and updates are included in price of unlimited license of dongle backup.

Hardware dongle protection

You can use SuperPro/UltraPro dongle emulator to protect original hardware key against theft, damage or loss


Safe-Net Sentinel dongle emulator is ideal for running the software in virtual environment

Virtual dongle is always with you

Sentinel dongle emulator can be installed on multiple computer so you can work with your software in office and at home

Hardware compatibility

Modern computers are often incompatible with old hardware. Rainbow SuperPro/UltraPro Dongle emulator solves this inconvenience.

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Download Dumper

Please download Sentinel SuperPro/UltraPro dongle dumper.

Dumper cannot destroy any information in your key or make any damage to your computer but for USB dongles please use Dumper.exe only!

Start Sentinel Dumper

Unpack and start Dumper.exe on the computer that has Safe-Net ( Rainbow Technologies ) Sentinel dongle drivers installed and the SafeNet SuperPro/UltraPro hardware key connected to parallel port or USB port.

Save Dump file

If the dongle reading procedure was successful, a small file that has .BIN extension will be created. This file is called Dongle dump. It contains the information taken from your dongle by Dumper and enough to make dongle emulator for your hardware device.

Dump file is encrypted so it is impossible to read any information from that file for anyone else. All data received from you is kept strictly confidentially and will not be spread under any circumstances.

Send us dump file

Please send us dump file by e-mail to or use our Ticket system

If no file is created, please contact us!

Supported dongles

Sentinel dongle emulator is compatible with following dongles:

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Excellent results with my Sentinel Superpro and great customer service. SoftKey Team is quick to respond to questions and with authorization numbers. Definitely recommend.




What Can I say? It works. It works also with Windows on Mac via VMware. If you own a macbook, you know what I'm talking about: one of two USBs is (was!) permanently blocked by the dongle...




Software works great! Smooth and quick from trial version to full version. Easy to use, and install software. Very professional, and pleasant to deal with. Trustworthy, and reliable. Thanks to you and your team!



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